• Magazines

    The Magic and the glory

    How are magazines going to exist in the 21st century? Insights from Magazine Street host Kerin O'Connor who has been part of the magazine industry for almost 30 years.
  • Magazines

    Five minutes with Nikki

    We posed some quick-fire questions to the founder and director of the International Magazine Centre, Nikki Simpson.
  • Magazines

    Sound Judgement

    Need a soundtrack for making magazines? Peter Houston – publishing consultant and co-host of the Media Voices Podcast – has created a magazine-themed playlist.

    Rethink The Magazine Experience


    Interactive PDFs

    Make your PDFs come alive with interactive elements. Convert your PDF documents and publications to look engaging.

    Clean builds

    Build your publications including magazines, brochures, annual reports and more from the ground up and publish it as printed materials, online flip books, and magazines.

    Seamless workflows

    Incorporate existing workflows, software and design skills to save time, money.


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