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Graphic two people with masks
Amit Gossain

Safety has always ben a priority at KONE. More so now, than ever before, it is up to us to ensure our own safety and that of our customers. Let us work together to ensure that we follow the guidelines and safety measures that have been painstakingly put in place.

This document has been created as your quick reference guide so that you get familiar with all the mandatory safety protocols that we need to practice in order to continue working while the COVID-19 pandemic remains a real threat. These safety measures across our offices have been created keeping in mind our day to day work requirements. I request each one of you to take these measures seriously and practice them diligently.

The objective of this document is to get you familiar with the ‘new way’ of working as we have been repeatedly advised by the World Health Organization that the COVID-19 is here to stay and we need to define a new normal so that we can continue to work. So I once again urge that each of you follow the safety protocols while also helping your colleagues to do the same.

Once we consciously practice them, we will get habituated to them. And they will soon become our new normal at work. Looking forward to your cooperation.

Amit Gossain
MD, KONE Elevator India

Graphic visitors
  1. No visitors will be allowed in the office. If absolutely necessary, visitors must come with prior appointment. Employees must ensure proper social distancing with the visitors and wear a mask at all times.
  2. No visitor must come earlier than 15 minutes before the agreed time, and leave immediately after the appointment
  3. It is mandatory for visitors to wear a mask and also sanitize their hands under the supervision of a KONE representative
  4. Avoid physical contact or hand-shakes and instead greet each other verbally
  5. Visitors must be warned to avoid coming if they have any of the following complaints: nasal colds, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, light cough, fever or body temp. (Up to 38 C° or 99 F°)
  6. Visitors must avoid coming if someone in their home/workplace is exhibiting any of the above mentioned symptoms
  7. Visitors are encouraged to read the awareness messages regarding COVID-19
Graphic temperature
  1. Personal Protective Equipment for receptionist and security as the reception is a high-traffic area
  2. Temperature screening for all people entering the office premises
  3. Dedicated sanitization kiosk at the reception area
  4. Display of awareness and protective measures against COVID-19
  5. Encourage non-contact greeting by saying ‘Namaste’ or by ‘waving your hand’
  6. Avoid using generic stationery such as pen, pencil, glue stick at the reception desk. Instead, every employee/visitors must be encouraged to use their own stationery
  7. Maintain social distancing
  8. Employees should cooperate and mandatorily display their KONE ID cards to the security personnel prior to entering the office premises
Graphic elevator
  1. Maintain social distancing inside the elevator
  2. Wear a mask or wrap a cloth, scarf, kerchief around to cover your mouth
  3. Avoid touching the elevator buttons directly and instead use an object to press the buttons
  4. Sanitize your hands when you exit the elevator
Graphic non contact
  1. Maintain social distancing
  2. Avoid physical contact or hand-shakes and instead greet each other verbally
  3. Start with a ‘hi’ and a follow-up question to keep the conversation going
  4. A good way of greeting each other is by saying ‘Namaste’ or by ‘waving your hand’

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