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Pandemic has been the significant driver of change and ever since the dawn of 2020.

We have been witnessing the most transformative times of the century in terms of technology disruption and its adoption by businesses.


  • Transformation to digital at short notice
  • COVID-19 changed how consumers compared and bought insurance
  • HOME became the new digital fortress
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Home as Digital fortress

Pandemic saw the rise of home as the new new epicenter of the consumer’s universe. Every home became a mall, a learning center, workplace. With proliferation of Internet and computers at home the need to protect every single
asset at the home became paramount.

This had significant impact both in delivering solutions to customers from SimpleSolve and also configuring and delivering value to customers in near real time to meet the digital needs of the Insurer’s customers.

Value for money & many

The pandemic changed the perspective of risk. Financial stability, conserving cash, planning for contingencies, and more importantly staying healthy became a prime priority.

This lead to significant change in customer behavior. Consumers are increasingly price sensitive in these recessionary conditions. They are demanding that insurers deliver more value for the money spent.

Change @ pandemic speed

Digital first as a Strategy took the center stage in every conversation. The industry woke up to the new reality of addressing the digital needs in their day to day operations and customer engagements.

SimpleINSPIRE innovation and product strategy is precisely around the concept of Digital Workplace and Value for money and many, with focus on leveraging the ideas around technology-driven innovation. The pandemic accelerated the implementation of SimpleINSPIRE solutions to our customers at a never before seen speed and adoption.

For example Our portal solutions enabled the end customers to seamlessly transact from anywhere and from any device, but it also helped insurers and their employees to move their work in a secure manner. These capabilities with process automation helped to unleash significant efficiencies and remove the friction in the process leading to quantum benefits of improved customer and employee satisfaction in these extreme pandemic times.

Business impact

Customer went live during the pandemic. Simplesolve solutions provided the much needed digital disruption to the customer business and changed the way they work. The customer saw increase in overall business despite the pandemic and could make data driven business decisions on demand.

Outmaneuver Uncertainty

Reinventing the Organization & its Processes

SimpleSolve - Digital Workplace

Pandemic saw Simplesolve to rapidly re-engineer workplace into a DIGITAL WORKPLACE and adopt digital tools and enforce policies that will gain trust of customers and employees and enable rapid transformation to meet organizational goals.

SimpleSolve DIGITAL WORKPLACE is the virtual compliment to physical office space through smart automation that connects people, and processes in a seamless way to execute their jobs anytime anywhere.
The Simplesolve Digital Workplace include technology to improve collaboration, employee engagement and productivity, automation of business processes leverage cloud services in a secure and reliable manner.


Increased efficiency & productivity – Delivery on time and on budget to the customer every time Better resource management – Optimum use of resources across the network leading to enhanced outcome and customer engagement.

More resiliency – Mitigating risks of delivery through distribution of work across the trusted and secure network and managing it efficiently.

Greater agility – Ability to rapidly respond to client needs through digital engagement tools and work across different time zones – Organizational agility at scale and without compromise.

Faster time to market – Shortened delivery cycles and launch of innovation on demand through digital services creating greater value to customers.

What it means for you

Our formula is simple: we deliver bold ideas, solutions which are human-led and tech-powered which create meaningful experiences and deliver real-life results and with sustained outcomes.

Our passion for technology is attracting a community of problem solvers working together in unexpected ways in providing solutions to real world problems which make a positive and enduring impact right across the value chain thereby creating value to our customers.

Case Studies

SimpleSolve image 01

The Effect of Supply Chain Disruptions on P&C Insurance Carriers

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Why Policy Data Migration is a Vital Part of PAS Modernization

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The Hard Truth of Tech Modernization Without Business Model Innovation

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  • Billing
  • Insurance
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Business Intelligence
  • On-Premise Deployment
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Partner Interfaces
  • Policy Holder Self-Service Portal
  • Interactive Bot
  • Adjustermate Mobile App
  • Policy Management
  • Claims Management
  • Client Management
  • Agency Management




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