Email marketing is still the boss

In today’s world, email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media. Not 40% but 40X. That gap is not closing anytime soon. That was the result of a McKinsey study.

But building good email lists take time. Years, not months. There’s no point in buying lists. It’s best to build them by providing what customers want.

Shortcuts spoil the process. In the hope of speeding things up, expanding lists and sending out blasts makes no sense.  Customers need proper attention. The larger an email list grows, the more segmentation is required.

Imagine your friends. You don’t talk to all the same way. You know what works with every single one of them. And you learn the right way over time. If you want to keep the friendships, that is.

Don’t treat your email list as a giant mass of prospects. Sending them all the same offer is the quickest way to get them to leave.

The way to start building lists is by providing good, accurate information for free. Whether it is financial analysis, baby care products or industrial milling machines.

Post them on blogs, on social media and invite people to follow. See what people respond to. Look at buying patterns and see how you can help them.

Once you sign them up after all the work, please don’t send them PDF catalogues. That’s the easy way to lose them.

If you send out a regular newsletter, let us show you how you can be even more effective.

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