How to combine an eCommerce website with a POS storefront and accounting system the easy way

Case studies mind map

The fine print

The requirement was to install a POS system for a non-profit with minimum costs. And it had to be done in a couple of months in time for the launch.

The process included researching various options, learning the sales process, testing the environment, setting up multiple POS terminals including mobile, implementing the processes and workflows, training the people involved, automating reports to 12 stakeholders every hour, trouble shooting and maintenance. The POS system facilitated the generation of $500,000+ in 14 days.

After testing multiple systems including Square our presentation of the cost savings and recommendation of QuickBook Online was accepted by the board and we implemented the processes and workflows. The products and services of the non-profit was loaded onto the system. Multiple user accounts were created and 12 voluntary users trained with multiple dry runs over weekends, and multiple desktop and mobile devices sourced.

The process went without any major hitches and was a major success. The alternative was to have manual accounting and receipt books. The second phase is ongoing and will connect the online store to the same backend. The front-end uses WooCommerce with APIs to connect the backend in real time.