On which wall would you bang your head?



Picture frame

Are you working from home now? When did you last step out? Mask or no mask, how are you coping?

I am building a picture frame to hang on the wall captioned. “When frustrated, try and break glass with forehead.”

For people working from home, the walls closed-in early this year. Summer provided a brief respite. Now Fall is setting in, and one can feel the walls moving even closer.

For people living in high-rises, the footprint is even smaller. If you have a house, a small garden or a front yard, you are way better off.

I have talked to people who have stepped out of their homes less than a dozen times in six months.

Reminds me of an older couple I know who may find this easy! They have not stepped out of the house for much of their married life. But then they have a large home and garden which may make life easier.

The new normal

Wearing a mask when meeting people is making me abnormal. Early this spring, I thought I’d get shot by a gas attendant! When I walked in to pay for gas, wearing a bandana and a hat, he had one hand below the counter all the time!

Life is not a simple stroll in the open anymore. But one can keep the body and mind active. One needs to. And it helps. I have been fortunate to walk along the shoreline every day for an hour. Friday is hiking day, and in the last six months, my wife has dragged me to most national and provincial parks within a three-hour drive!

You don’t find many people at six in the morning, which helps ‘face’ the elements! And nature beams back with stunning sunrises, clouds, and colourful images in the Fall.

Actions helped me keep a sane mind.

With cooling temperatures outside, wellness is increasingly becoming crucial. Snack less. Eat little. Exercise indoors. Meditate. Wash hands. Read. Write. Take out old photo albums. Live through the memories again. And again. Try and strike a balance between all these, work, and TV.

Live in the real world as well.

Thoughts and notifications have a habit of interrupting. With the digital-first approach to doing business and living life, we are all under house arrest; mind, body, and soul.

What’s advertised as making life more comfortable is sucking the life out of you. Every marketing entity is monitoring you with analytics, cookies, and devices with Bluetooth. They have been making money out of your moments and movements. In the increasingly digital world, they are ramping it up.

I got an email from a job platform today asking me to pay a three-figure amount. I can be on the “verified list” of work-seekers with better visibility!

I have deleted all social apps from my phone, save two, and turned off all notifications. I wrote on the wall that I’d check emails just three times a day.

Easy to say all that! I am saving the empty frame for winter. I will hang it on a wall facing west. Doing things facing east is auspicious for a lot of people. Perhaps I can break the deadlock!

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