Vessi: Huggies for your feet!

How a baby boomer crossed the brand line and took a hike!


Vessi: Huggies for your feet!

State of the shoes before (left) and after the first hike

Passionate users

On the first weekend of September, I stepped onto a hiking trail wearing a brand of shoes targeting youngsters. As a tail-end baby boomer, this brand would never have graced my feet. This post is a trail of thoughts and actions that followed.

A group of young family members gave me a birthday gift, an online gift card to buy Vessi. I had never heard of the brand. Along with the gift card, I got a passionate account of Vessi’s features from six youngsters! One had six pairs for different clothes, settings, moods, and colours. And it’s Canadian.

How do you decide on a gift?

How much time do you spend time choosing a gift for someone else? Do you think about their tastes or yours? Do you speculate or ask?

When I visited the Vessi website, I realized that this was not for me. A young brand with colourful shoes for young people. Can I slip into a mindset I left behind a few decades ago?

They had sneakers for the weekend, city-scape, and every day. There were slip-ons, hats, sneakers for men, women, kids, and caps. All waterproof; one of the main features.

Childhood memories

The visuals  on the website sparked more than a few memories from childhood. Splashing in the puddles. Jumping into it. Jumping in it with one leg and swinging with the other to make a loud cracking sound. Side kicking or shaving the puddle to spray it on other children. When you spend your childhood in a place that rains more than four months a year, stories abound.

It did not take long for me to settle on a pair of Everyday Lunar Black slip-on. I topped the order with an all-weather cap in Asphalt Black.

Soon after confirming the order, I was surprised to find a newsletter titled, ‘What to expect.’ This was a different experience; perhaps it could have been personalized.

When the order came in, one day before, the shoe was wider than I expected (another surprise). I sent it back and got one in a similar colour; this time, I got one with laces. The laced shoes were also wider at the ball of the feet. Are all Vessi shoes made that way?

Wearing Vessi shoes

Putting it to the test

My first hike with Vessi was a timid 7 km one. I got used to the shoes; they had an excellent grip; the treads had a firm footing on solid rock and mud; my feet did not have to gasp for breath, neither did they sweat; and they hugged my feet almost like a glove.

On my second hike the following weekend, I dipped my feet in a waterfall. I watched the waters swirling around and over it. The 100% waterproof claim stood its ground.

This was a tougher hike on A. Y. Jackson Trail, Sudbury. Most of the hike was on big rocks with sharp points and smooth rocks caressed by flowing waters.

On a 45 degree portion of the path with smaller rocks all the way, I slipped. This had to do with my lack of balance and nothing to do with the shoes.

With these shoes, will I go the extra mile when I hike next time? Time will tell. As I use it more and more, I hope it hugs my feet tighter.

With Vessi sneakers, I may have crossed the age barrier, at least in my mind. I would like to jump into the next sizeable puddle and make that cracking sound all over again! I just have to be careful that it’s not the crack of my bones.

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