How does one explain user experience to boomers?

USER EXPERIENCE How does one explain UX to boomers? Last week my patience was dragged to a cliff’s edge by two people in their mid-seventies. For 40 minutes, I helped them set up a Zoom call on either side of the world. Both of them are medical professionals, specialists in their fields, and at the […]


A Kerala sadya (multi course lunch) is a glorious treat, and a feast for the eyes. There is an approach in going through the process of enjoying a good sadya.

The man and the man-eater

Eye of the tiger

Our African adventure jogged a few memories. Stories about my grandfather heard in bits and pieces. Some narrated by his sons, some gleaned from his diaries I stumbled upon.

Mundu – The most sensible clothing for men!

Mundu is the most sensible item of clothing that has come into being or been designed over the years. It is mostly worn in the southernmost part of India, particularly Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Lotteries. A worthy cause!

lotto, lottery ticket, bill

If an electronic tracker got hold of my life record and played it back, she/he can trace the origins of my lottery buying habit to the impressionable age of 16. College years. The days when meagre pocket money rubbed against each other in tight jeans’ pockets.

Music of the rain

I opened my eyes and saw nothing. First the sounds of rain reached me, then the spray from a water drop. Lightning made the room bright for a blink of an eye. I reached down and pulled the blanket over my head ready for the sound. The deafening thunder made me still shudder.

Carroms, anyone?

Chitra is mean. It all started with that stupid carrom board*. One fine evening Chitra and I had the urge to go and eat at Gerrard St. [Indian street downtown]. So, with Parvathiammal [our Tamilian friend who has a strong opinion about everything and everyone] in tow, we eased into our 1996 Ford Taurus and […]