Kayaking on Big Creek


The meandering Big Creek takes you through the marshes, thick vegetation of the Carolinian forest, to the open waters close to Lake Erie on an approx. 9 km four hour paddle. For first time kayakers the experience of kayaking in Big Creek is ideal before getting into choppy waters elsewhere.

Email marketing is still the boss

Email marketing

MARKETING Email marketing is still the boss In today’s world, email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media. Not 40% but 40X. That gap is not closing anytime soon. That was the result of a McKinsey study. But building good email lists take time. Years, not months. There’s no point in buying lists. […]

Print design is passive. Digital wants interaction.

USER EXPERIENCE Print design is passive. Digital wants interaction. Print is one-way design. You look at stuff on a page and move on. Turn the page to see if anything interesting catches your eye. In print, everything stays anchored in its space. The size of the columns in newspapers. The font size of headlines on […]

The mouse vs the finger

We had mastered the language of cursors as well as point, click and scroll. The desktop and laptop environments co-existed in peace.

IKEA: An iconic print magazine put to bed

iconic print magazine IKEA

IKEA MAGAZINE An iconic print magazine ‘put to bed’ In publishing parlance, ‘putting to bed’ meant that the magazine had gone into production and signified no more changes. When I heard that the beloved IKEA print catalogue was being retired, I was aghast! The last printed edition in 2021 may well go on to become […]

How I signed off one hour of my life!

Have you tried to sign and send a digital document?Being in the digital industry for the past two decades, I thought it was a simple job. I scheduled the task in Asana. Or was it Trello? By the time I finished the signature process an hour later, I had pulled out all the stops. And a few hairs!