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Traditional Publications

Traditionally, magazines and long-form corporate communications are distributed as printed copies. A PDF of the print version gets defined as the digital version. The magazine is then uploaded to the corporate website and/or emailed as an attachment by way of distribution.

Enhance the user experience

Online content consumed through smart phones now sits at 70% plus. Have you thought about the reader zooming and pinching through the pages trying to make any sense of it?

The digital magazine, featured alongside, is designed for a non-profit and leverages technology while enhancing user experience. The technology allows one to further extend the experience by adding multimedia elements (audio, video, animation, infographics, and more).

Articles and stories in magazines, brochure, and annual reports that engage your audience is highly achievable with digital magazines (check out the features below).

We also design magazines with more options (responsive designs for all devices and platform (Check out the different versions of the magazine ).


Interactive publications

Make your print magazines come alive with interactive elements. Convert your marketing collateral including magazines to look engaging.

Clean builds

Build your publications including magazines, brochures, annual reports and publish it as printed and online digital copies.

Seamless workflows

Incorporate existing workflows, software and design skills to save time and money while getting more return on investment.

Magazine Enquiry

We will contact you to get to know more about your project within two business days.


man with shoulder bag in elevator

Health and well-being solutions for the new normal

Amit Gossain

From the MD's Desk

Cover intro

facade of building

Architect Story

Exploring trends with Architects in a post COVID world

24/7 Connected Services

Staying worry-ree with 24/7 Connected Services

Global Project

Predictive maintenance solutions for hospital in Finland

Global Safety Week

Home safe everyday

Great Place To Work

Happy employees lead to happy customers


The awards we receive are a validation of your trust


Social endeavours to help those in need

Customer Handover

Meeting customer commitments during the pandemic

Customer Touchpoints

Increasing customer commitments with two recently inaugurated facilities

Customer Interview

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