Kayaking on Big Creek

Live the Journey

Dig in with  your paddles!

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Haven for first-time kayakers

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Bird watchers' paradise

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Launch point to explore the Great Canadian Outdoors

Known as Canada’s Amazon, the meandering Big Creek in Norfolk County (Ontario, Canada) takes you through the marshes and thick vegetation of the Carolinian forest to the open waters of Lake Erie. 


First timer?

The guides take you through the do's and don'ts, how to control the kayak, what to do if you capsize ...

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Carry bug spray,  sunscreen, hat, raincoat ...

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Prepare to stay  in the kayak for four hours

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There is a 15 minute break for snacks and to stretch legs


Come prepared

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Light clothes that  cover your whole body

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Water shoes that make it easier to jump in and out of water

A wide-brimmed hat that covers  the neck on sunny days

Getting in and out of kayaks involves treading water and getting ankle deep in mud.


Well heeled

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Water shoes

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Waterproof bag for phone and camera

Waterproof bag to carry all the stuff

The guides will help you get in and out of the kayak. Carrying a water proof back-pack to keep expensive items such as cameras is advisable.


Worth every ...

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Round trip - $100

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The price includes kayak (single or tandem)

The price also includes life-jacket and two guides

Carrying your own life jackets is a more hygienic option. There are no washroom facilities unless you are prepared to explore the bushes!



Single or tandem kayaks

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The price includes the kayak (single or tandem)

Another option is to get your own kayak and explore the creek. There are inflatable kayaks starting from $250.

Single kayaks or tandem kayaks available. You can take your own kayak [inflatable or solid-state] and explore Big Creek.

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Highlights / costs

Kayaking trip - $100

[Own] life-jacket - $40+

Water shoes - $10

Dry bag - $30

Phone dry bag - $15

Hat - $10+

Sunscreen / bug spray - $25+

Clothes that cover your full body to protect against the elements (sun, rain, bugs...)

How to get there

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Two hour drive from  downtown Toronto

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Roadside parking

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Plan it as a full day trip


Brian Craig


Driven by the love of open waters


Passion for teaching, protecting, conserving, and sustainability

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