Are you struggling with your magazine's digital transformation?

Magazine readers have so many choices that loyalty toward any magazine is a thing of the past. But as a publisher, you can get subscribers to return if you offer innovative ways to generate engagement.

We offer different solutions to structure your magazine to increase readership, engagement, and advertising revenue.

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How can you double engagement for the print edition of your magazine?

If you are in the process of starting a magazine, keep the print option at the centre of your publishing strategy. You can ignore the assault of opinions about “Why print is dead”. While we do have a responsibility toward emitting less carbon, we also have a business to conduct. One has to also think about our audience(s), digital fatigue, ways to attract readers, and how to leverage different mediums to engage subscribers.

At the end of the day, the physical copy of your magazine offers the real connections. Seeing the latest edition of your magazine on the coffee table, in the corporate boardrooms, doctors’ offices, and the newsstands makes it real. There is no substitute to getting a freshly printed edition of the magazine in the mail and going through it at leisure from cover to cover.


Attract new advertisers and revenue with digital offerings

Traditionally, magazines and long-form corporate communications are distributed as printed copies. A PDF of the print version gets defined as the digital version. The magazine is then uploaded to the corporate website and/or emailed as an attachment by way of distribution.

Online content consumed through smart phones now sits at 70% plus. Have you thought about the reader zooming and pinching through the pages trying to make any sense of it?

Embark on the digital transformation journey. For small and medium publishers and companies, the flip-book is an entry-level option. This lets you test the digital waters about the processes and workflows involved to convert a PDF.

Exporting a print magazine to a flip-book is quick and economical. Keep in mind that this is still a PDF with additional features. But this could be the first step into your magazine’s digital transformation journey.

digital transformation
responsive MAGAZINE

How can you offer the highest level of engagement with different versions of your magazine?

In its purest form, responsive content responds to any device the customer reads your magazine. On the mobile phone, the text, layout, and images flow into a format that lets the reader scroll, creating a great user experience.

The responsive version takes the print design and repurposes it into a vertical format. A three-column article will be converted into a single column. While using the exact fonts as in the print layout may not be possible, similar web fonts can take their place.

Responsive thinking

The ideal way forward would be to start thinking about laying out your magazine for both print and digital versions simultaneously. Software such as InDesign has workflows that help you achieve this without redesigning it for different devices.

Innovate to engage

Where are you on your digital transformation journey?

If you are crouched on the starting blocks, that’s a great start. If you are still thinking about which race to enter, you may have a lot of thoughts to sift through. Do I have the budget? Who will pay for the time to research and learn all the digital technologies?

Wherever you are in your digital transformation journey, it pays to have a strategy. Do the technologies integrate well with your other initiatives? Before you sink any of your hard-earned money into something that does not work for your specialist magazine, take your time with the planning. We can help with the end-to-end process and implementation.

Where do you start?

Make that discovery call. Let’s talk and get to know more about your three main objectives. It could be to increase engagement, attract more advertisers, or get a different audience to try out your magazine.

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